About Machine Man, the second album

The album takes inspiration from different musical genres: starting from classic metal of Iron Maiden to power metal of Gamma Ray, Helloween and Blind Guardian, with prog hints of bands such as Fates Warning and Queensrÿche and power thrash progressions of historical bands such as Forbidden and Metal Church.

All these inspirations can be found in the different songs, but also within a single piece, where fast heavy sections alternate with slow ones.

The music is written by Frank Andiver, Alessandro Cola and Tommy Pellegrini while lyrics, all inspired by the mind’s reflections on human feelings, are written by Wild Steel and Alessandro Cola.

Compact disc and Vinyl formats available soon.

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Reviews from all over the world

Throughout the nine songs you can expect a fairly European power approach with progressive and traditional accents – dual guitars and keyboard flourishes hand in hand along with a rhythm section that can settle into some solid grooves yet flex some technical prowess and active signature moves when they want to.By Matt Coe on deadrhetoric.com

Simply, Machine Man has no weak points, nor sounds nostalgic, and, above all, it's not a mere emotional present to a friend who's ended his journey too early. Vic Mazzoni lives, and will live forever in the sensational solos on the record grooves, elevating songs that taste both antique and innovative, not showing their age at all.By Antonino Blesi on metallus.it

Anyone who loves music, power metal in the specific, will get thrilled listening to the song "Million to Ascension". I'd have to gamble to choose my favorite song, 'cause from the most direct, to the most complex, I never get bored!By Paolo G. Baschiera on loudandproud.it

We should say that the long development brought a great benefit to the songs of Machine Man, and we get the brilliant example in the contorted guitar lines of "Million to Ascension", sublime track knocking with a prog/power plot, sustained by a burning rhythm section.By Federico Orano on metalitalia.com

The album is just a little more than 45 minutes long, expressing an excellent power metal, where we can find 9 tracks, none of them under the top mark's rate; all of them are very pleasing and convincing from the first listening: from the opener "Edge of Life", to the sweet ballad "Look Behind Me" or to the fast titletrack, passing through the fascinating "Fallin' Time" and "Calling", to end up with the masterpiece "Coming Back".By Ninni Cangiano on allaroundmetal.com

No lack of raw inflection in the weave of this melodic metal, even if they're wrapped in a not-so-heavy flavour. We're in front of a sharp Italian Heavy Metal, on that italic Power Metal road traced by Vision Divine and Labyrinth, but in a very melodic way that recalls the scandinavian roots, not therefore remaining involved in, and moving away from the teutonic squareness.By Roberto Sky Latini on tempiduri.eu

Nine songs combining the strong, melodic power root, with a clear progressive bent, yet not denying the unavoidable metal vocation.By Nimda on noirocker.it

A must-have album that put Oracle Sun by right among the most distinguished voices of the prosperous Italian hard and heavy scene!By G. Ventrone on rockmylife.it

No place for boredom in Machine Man, Oracle Sun shine here and there with power/speed aggression, an album you can easily enjoy. I hope to wait a shorter time for the third album!on powermetal-warrior.blogspot.com

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Machine Man

Release Date : December 18, 2020
Artist : Oracle Sun
Format : Digital Download

Oracle Sun are:

Wild Steel – vocals
Tommy Pellegrini – guitars
Giacomo Paradiso – guitars
Frank Andiver – Drums
Alessandro Cola – bass
Alessio Pascucci – keyboards

+ Vic Mazzoni: all guitar solos*
+ special guest: Roberto Tiranti backing vocals on all tracks and lead vocals on Track 9.

This album is dedicated to the loving memory of our friend Vic Mazzoni.

All songs written, composed and arranged by Tommy Pellegrini, Alessandro Cola and Frank Andiver. All lyrics by Wild Steel and Alessandro Cola. All solos by Vic Mazzoni except track 2 by Tommy Pellegrini and first solo on track 6 by Giacomo Paradiso.

Recorded and mixed by Frank Andiver at Zenith Recordings in Lucca, Italy. Mastered by Davide Prew at Meda Sound in Lucca, Italy.

Label: Volcano Record & Promotion.