About Deep Inside, the first album

Debut album for Oracle Sun, that shows member’s past experiences in bands such as Labyrinth and Shining Fury

The album mixes the typical Italian power/progressive sound with a marked melodica vein, a classic Frank Andiver’s production trademark.

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Reviews from all over the world

Style is about the first incredible Labyrinth release, No Limits, made by powerful accelerations, techno-trance keyboards and pop-alike melodies. All these elements are mixed in different ways in Deep Inside, 'cause all the characters have changed (well, not every character...) and united in a very rich and personal sound.by Simo Narancia on truemetal.it

To enrich Deep Inside with even more personality, songs don't miss solutions flirting with progressive, a feature that don't move from the band's trademark: a no compromise power metal.by Andrea Raffaldini on metalitalia.com

Oracle Sun don't play straight power metal: the many subtle progressive references, the care they put in all the arrangements, and a sensible and refined songwriting really make a difference.by Enrico De Paola 7 on Metal Maniac

"Lost In Silence", a catchy song featuring a funny duel between guitar and keys, the charming "Light of Life", and "New Sunrise" a refined track with an explosive refrain.by Andrea Sacchi on metallus.it

Regardless of whether you prefer to shake your head while listening to music or pay attention to the subtleties of the sound, you will be well served here.by Stefan Kayser on powermetal.de

Oracle Sun bring a lot of influences to the table, and the songwriting on this thing is so pure and fresh, it really takes a number of spins to uncover its full aural intensity.by Bruce Dragonchaser on metalcrypt.com

Melodies get in the ears finely but firmly. We can say Oracle Sun fly by the Labyrinth (pre-Freeman era) and Vision Divine area, but not copying them at all.by nameless on metalglory.de

The nine songs know how to please Stratovarius, Symphony X and At Vance fans.by Florian Schörg on metal.de

A powerful and melodic album, with many tempo changes, enriched by an excellent production. It still remains one of the best works of the period.By Paolo G. Baschiera on loudandproud.it

Deep Inside is a little treasure of melodic progressive/power metal, and many of us still deem it one of the best releases in 2005/2006.By Antonino Blesi on metallus.it

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Deep Inside

Release Date : January 30, 2006
Artist : Oracle Sun
Format : CD


Alessandro Cola – Bass
Frank Andiver – Drums
Emi Manuguerra – Guitars
Fabrizio Marnik – Keyboards, Piano
Val Shieldon – Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals.

All song written and arranged by Oracle Sun.
All lyrics written by Oracle Sun.
Additional Synth on tracks 5, 6, 7 by Frank Andiver.

Produced by Frank Andiver and Oracle Sun.
Engineered by Frank Andiver.
Recorded and mixed at Zenith Recordings Studio c/o Risingworks, Lucca (Italy), Jun-Nov 2004.
Mastered by Frank Andiver at Zenith Recordings Studio, Dec 2004.

Labels: Scarlet / King Records.